Independent Adjusters Help Insurers Keep Their Costs Down

Insurers pay out hundreds of billions of dollars in claims nationwide every year. While most submitted claims are justified and legitimate, a fair number turn out to be fraudulent.

Claims Adjusting is an important way to keep levels of fraud down so that more money remains for those who truly deserve it. Independent Insurance Adjusting professionals allow insurers to respond quickly and effectively even in times of unusually heightened claim volume.

Dedicated Professionals Help Minimize Fraud and Losses
Most insurers employ claims adjusters of their own on full-time, permanent bases. The nature of the industry is such that having access to independent adjusters is more or less a necessity in most cases, however.

By working with a claims service that makes it simple to line up this frequently valuable type of support as needed, insurers can keep their operational costs down while still minimizing their exposure to fraud. The work of a nationwide adjuster assigned to a particular claim wil…