Independent Adjusters Help Insurers Keep Their Costs Down

Insurers pay out hundreds of billions of dollars in claims nationwide every year. While most submitted claims are justified and legitimate, a fair number turn out to be fraudulent.

Claims Adjusting is an important way to keep levels of fraud down so that more money remains for those who truly deserve it. Independent Insurance Adjusting professionals allow insurers to respond quickly and effectively even in times of unusually heightened claim volume.

Dedicated Professionals Help Minimize Fraud and Losses

Most insurers employ claims adjusters of their own on full-time, permanent bases. The nature of the industry is such that having access to independent adjusters is more or less a necessity in most cases, however.

By working with a claims service that makes it simple to line up this frequently valuable type of support as needed, insurers can keep their operational costs down while still minimizing their exposure to fraud. The work of a nationwide adjuster assigned to a particular claim will typically include all of the following steps and others:

Research. In order to be able to assess a claim accurately and fairly, an adjuster must first come to an understanding of all the relevant background. That will normally mean reading the policy in question to develop an idea as to what exactly might be covered. It will also typically involve having a look at the claim itself, so as to be prepared as well as possible.

Interviews. Once on the scene, an adjuster will then typically seek to speak with policyholders and others who might have something of relevance to say regarding the claim. Even a quick, casual interview can help reveal whether anything might be amiss or out of order. Notes taken during an interview will provide another reference point that can be used to establish a clearer picture of the situation later on.

Documentation. There are a variety of ways by which claims can be documented, from photographs taken at the scene to estimates of repair or replacement costs provided by third parties. In many cases, claimants will have submitted documentation of their own, and adjusters frequently add to these collections in important and revealing ways.

Adjustment. With enough information in hand, an adjuster will then be positioned to actually pronounce on the validity of a claim. This important step is the culmination of all the work that came before it.

Keeping Costs Down to Benefit Policyholders and Others

By being ready to respond even in times of emergency or natural disaster, independent adjusters help insurers make sure that they only submit payouts to claimants who are entitled to them. That important function helps the industry as a whole provide more valuable service to the many who depend upon it.


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